Legal sector most likely to want personal data edited or deleted under new GDPR, survey reveals

22/03/2018 News Team

People who work in the legal sector are more likely than anyone to ask for their personal data to be edited or deleted once the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25 May, a survey by Crown Records Management has revealed.

The survey results revealed 86 percent of those in the legal sector may ask for their data to be edited or deleted, with 57 percent saying they would definitely do so.

The type of data people in the legal sector want edited or deleted inlcluded financial, banking and credit data which tops the list at 76 percent and details such as date of birth (68 percent), and name, address email (60 percent) were also ranked highly.

Additionally,  across all sectors, 71 percent said they would (either definitely or possibly) ask a company to edit or delete their data when the new regulation comes into force, resulting in possibly 37.3 million requests leading to “significant budget implications” according to regional general mnager at Crown Records Management, David Fathers, whilst only eight percent said they wouldn’t want data edited or deleted.

Mr Fathers said: “This perhaps shows that those in the legal sector have a deep understanding of what kind of information can lead to identity fraud if it falls into the wrong hands, but it also shows just how many types of personal data are under discussion here and that few businesses will be unaffected."

The new regulation will give all EU citizens greater rights over their personal data, including a right to ask for their data to be edited or deleted, as part of a so-called ‘right to be forgotten’ or ‘right to erasure’.

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