Moldova launches citizenship-by-investment scheme

08/11/2018 News Team

The Moldova Citizenship-by-Investment (MCBI) programme has been launched at the 12th Global Residence and Citizenship Conference in Dubai, hosted by Henley & Partners. 

Earlier this year, Henley & Partners, in association with the Moldovan Investment Company, won the public tender to assist the Government of the Republic of Moldova in designing, implementing, and internationally promoting the MCBI programme, which is now accepting applications.

Dr Christian Kälin, group chairman of Henley & Partners, commented: “The MCBI program offers investors a foothold in Europe and access to one of the fastest growing commercial hubs in the region, while also giving Moldova the chance to attract much-needed foreign direct investment and a set of highly qualified and carefully vetted new citizens.”

The MCBI programme requires applicants to make a defined economic contribution to Moldova through its Public Investment Fund. In exchange, subject to a vetting and due diligence process, applicants and their families are granted full citizenship rights that are transferrable without restrictions to future generations. Additionally, they gain a passport that allows travel access to 122 destinations globally.

Speaking at the launch, His Excellency Chiril Gaburici, the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure for the Government of Moldova commented: “The MCBI programme has been specifically developed with the Moldovan people in mind. In order to take the next step forward in our economic development, and also support the social wellbeing of all Moldovans, we need to welcome innovative new ways of generating capital. The MCBI program is part of this future-focused approach.” 

The 12th Global Residence and Citizenship Conference attracted over 400 delegates from more than 40 countries.

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