Majority of Brits haven't made plans for their funerals says research

23/11/2017 News Team

Two thirds of the population will opt for a cremation once their time is over, research from Skipton Building Society shows. 

The new study shows burial is now less popular than ever before as 79 percent of Brits dislike the idea of ending up in a plot which receives no visitors, and is miles away from friends and family as they move away with work and commitments.

As such, 59 percent of those polled say when they pass, they would prefer cremation. A further 21 percent are keen on being cryogenically frozen and stored until medical science could bring them back to life in full health. However, while the large majority of people have already decided how their final send-off should go, 81 percent haven’t put any formal plans into a will, and four in 10 haven’t shared their wishes with friends or family.

Nine in 10 people have given no thought to a funeral venue, 56 percent don’t know if they want a religious service and 94 percent don’t have a guest list. Twenty one percent of Brits can’t bear to think about death, and 28 percent feel too young to be making such decisions.

Maitham Mohsin, Skipton Building Society’s senior propositions manager, said: “Imagine the scenario. Someone very close to you passes away, and at a time when you’re overcome with emotion you find yourself also having to organise a funeral and have absolutely no idea what they would and would not want. That could all be eased by your loved one having made a plan for what they want in the event of their death.

“If you think about it, your funeral is a celebration of your life, and who best to sketch it out but you? You have full control over what happens, what’s said, what’s read and what’s sung. You chose if you want to be buried with any keepsakes, or scattered in a place that’s special to you. A surprising number of people in our survey want their ashes to be planted with a tree. But who would know this unless you tell someone? 

He concluded: “I’d like to encourage the nation to think about what they want to happen to them when the time comes, and to share their wishes with their family. Far from being a sad or morbid thing to do, many find it’s often quite the opposite. 

Skipton is a building society, with over 880,000 customers, £20 billion of assets and a national presence represented by its network of 87 branches. 

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