Studying law could earn women an extra £26,062

14/08/2018 News Team

Women could earn an extra £26,062 if they study Law at Oxford University, according to data calculated by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, analysed by 

The Knowledge Academy sourced the most popular subjects for women to study, using HESA’s HE student enrolments by subject of study 2016/17 report. The BBC’s ‘Difference in Earnings’ tool was used on each subject and data for the university found to have the biggest effect on earnings, five years after graduation, in comparison with the average degree, was recorded.

Oxford and Cambridge Universities offer the greatest ‘extra earning potential’ for 60 percent of subjects.

Medicine and Dentistry are the most popular subjects for women to study. Women who study at Keele University are expected to earn £22,910 more in comparison with the average degree five years after graduation. 

The University of Cambridge offers candidates the chance to earn an extra £21,658 five years after graduation for women who study Business and Management. 

Women who choose to study Education and Teaching at St. Mary’s University, Twickenham, may achieve £5,162 more than the average degree. 

Creative Arts and Design subjects can expect to make the least in ‘extra earnings’. The biggest boost in post-university earnings can be found at Bournemouth University (+£2,042). While Cambridge and Oxford may increase earnings by £8,839 and £26,062 for women who take the subjects Languages, Linguistics and Classics and Law, respectively. 

Joseph Scott, a spokesperson from, commented: “My advice to those contemplating higher education is, throw yourself into research. Choose the best option for you and you alone. Get the brochures, go on campus tours, and don’t be afraid to ask the big questions. It’s a significant opportunity, one can – quite literally – not afford to overlook.”

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