Survey reveals which buzzwords most annoy the legal sector

14/09/2018 News Team

There may be no ‘I’ in ‘team’, but there are three in ‘irritating’, which is how 15 percent of legal workers would describe hearing that phrase at work, according to a survey of those working in the legal sector conducted by business telecommunications provider 4Com.

Buzzwords and jargon are common in the modern workplace, despite 15 percent admitting to finding them annoying. 

However, they are used regularly, with another 15 percent claiming to use office jargon without noticing, while others use the language in order to impress their colleagues. Additionally, 15 percent of legal workers confessed to using buzzwords at home.

The survey found that the most annoying buzzwords in the legal industry are:

- It’s on my radar, smashed it, I’ve got a lot on my plate (23 percent)

- No brainer, there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’, run the numbers, best practice; a holistic review (15 percent)

- Thinking outside the box, win win, game changer, back to the drawing board, WIP, what’s the bigger picture, 110 percent, play hardball, let’s set up a chemistry meeting (eight percent)

The survey also examined the most commonly used office buzzwords, which are:

- No brainer, thinking outside the box, ASAP (39 percent)

- Win win, I’ve got a lot on my plate, catch up (31 percent)

- Best practice, give you a heads up, at the end of the day (23 percent)

Phrases such as ‘close of play’ and asking to ‘catch up’ rather than to discuss are commonly found annoying and nearly a third (31 percent) use both without knowing their meaning.

Mark Pearcy, head of marketing at 4Com, said: “We can all be guilty of using the odd buzzword or two when talking to colleagues. 

“As a telecoms provider, we are all about communication - the more straightforward, the better. When it comes to making a point or explaining your ideas, it’s definitely more important to be understood than to sound slick.”

4Com has created a quiz to help individuals identify how annoying they are in the workplace based on the buzzwords and phrases they use the most.

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