Tech advances will lead to increase in individuals using private jets, new research finds

19/09/2018 News Team

Advances in technology will make flying by private jet cheaper and easier in the next five years, according to 67 percent of business aviation professionals who said tech developments and apps will make it easier to book individual seats on private jets.

This research was conducted by Revolution.Aero, a global meeting place for people involved in business and personal aviation, in which 115 business aviation professionals were interviewed in August 2018.

It also found that by 2023, 71 percent of business aviation professionals believe that the average age of private jet customers will fall below 50. Over half (59 percent) believe the average age will be between 40 and 50, with 11 percent predicting it will be lower than 40.

Over half (51 percent) think these developments will make it easier to charter out private jet ‘dead legs’ - aircraft flying without any passengers. Only 12 percent of those surveyed predicted that the number of dead-leg flights being chartered out will fall.

84 percent expect there to be more private jet apps available by 2023, a number which has already risen significantly. “Ten years ago there were maybe five apps focusing on the business aviation sector, compared to more than 50 now,” says Alasdair Whyte, co-founder, Revolution Aero.

“In this data and technology revolution, there is so much more that can be done to enable owners of business aircraft to make their assets more accessible to potential customers. This coupled with the greater flexibility in how business aircraft can be chartered will open up business jet travel for many more people.”

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