Former MI6 man tops the bill as Guernsey takes its private wealth message to London

05/11/2018 News Team

Guernsey’s “stability and security” in private wealth management will be highlighted at the first Guernsey Private Wealth Forum in London in November.

The security theme will resonate with keynote speaker Sir John Sawers, former chief of the UK’s spy agency - MI6. In his five years at MI6 between 2009 and 2014, he was responsible for modernising the service and creating a more open approach to public accountability, all during a period of high terrorist threat and international political upheaval.

Sir John has also previously been UK Ambassador to the United Nations, political director of the Foreign Office, special representative in Iraq, Ambassador to Cairo and foreign policy adviser to former Prime Minister Tony Blair between 1999 and 2001. 

Now chairman and partner of Macro Advisory Partners, which provides investors, corporations and governments with advice on how to navigate the intersection of global markets, geopolitics and government policy, he remains closely involved in current affairs and the need to adapt the ever-changing informational landscape.

His talk will draw on his personal experience in managing the most challenging foreign and security policy issues of the last 20 years, including the rise of China, the evolution of Russia, the threat of terrorism and cyber-attack, changes in the Middle East, and the nuclear negotiations in Iran.

Sir John will also highlight the challenges of the unpredictable global landscape, forces shaping the world, the risk of cyber security, and how organisations can respond, including the need for an international approach to cyber security and the issues on the privacy versus security debate and how businesses should manage that balance.

Guernsey Finance chief executive, Dominic Wheatley, said the inclusion of Sir John “represented the latest on a long line of top speakers” at events hosted by the promotional body.

“We had a former head of the FBI’s cyber division at an event in 2017, and these speakers’ experiences make for fascinating insight,” Mr Wheatley said. “Sir John’s work in security is of growing relevance to our delegates and their clients in an increasingly risky world. We are really looking forward to hearing from him.”

The event will take place at Graysons Christ Church Spitalfields in London during the afternoon of Thursday 8 November 2018.

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